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What Is Regenerative Pain Treatment?

At Restore Health AZ, we provide regenerative pain treatments, like prolotherapy, which is a cutting-edge procedure that can help heal damaged joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues. Prolotherapy involves placing an injection of a local anesthetic and a natural irritant, like dextrose or saline, into the affected area in order to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanism. Through this nonsurgical alternative, several conditions that cause long-term (chronic) pain can be treated, including arthritis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis. To find out if you might benefit from regenerative medicine, like prolotherapy, schedule a consult with Dr. Neil Morris or Dr. Eugene Muro in Mesa, AZ.

How Does Regenerative Pain Treatment Work?

At your first consult, we will listen to your symptoms, provide a physical exam, and take x-rays to determine the precise location and severity of your injury. This will enable him to determine if you are a good fit for regenerative medicine so he can build a treatment plan for you. On the day of your prolotherapy injections, we will use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the skin and can apply a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable if you prefer. We will then use a thin needle to carefully inject the irritant solution into the affected joint, muscle, or tendon. Overall, the process should take only about 30 minutes to complete.

Dr Muro has been a true blessing in helping me with my health. I have been to countless doctors and never have they been able to help the way Regenerative Health. They get to the root of the problem. I am forever grateful for the Regenerative Heath practice.

K.S. Google

Outstanding group of drs. I have worked with and seen many naturopaths over 20 years....But none have come close to the level of education knowledge and compassion for their patients. From hormone balancing, to weight loss and for me in particular, stem cel therapy for a knee with an ACL tear that is nearly back to normal within a 6 week period. These guys are the real deal.

D.W. Google

Dr. Morris is the #1 best Doctor I’ve ever had! Great communication with me every time and goes above and beyond what is expected from a Doc. I 100% recommend him to anyone looking to get their health dialed in!!!

A.S. Google


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Alleviate Joint Pain

Are you ready to break free from debilitating muscle or joint pain but don't want to undergo surgery or keep taking medications? At Restore Health AZ, we provide regenerative pain treatment for individuals who are searching for a more natural way to find relief. Reach out to our Mesa, AZ clinic today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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Are regenerative pain treatments safe?

Yes, regenerative pain treatments like prolotherapy are considered safe when administered by a medical professional like Dr. Morris or Dr. Muro. These treatments use natural substances and do not involve invasive surgery or prescription medications. This makes them a low-risk alternative for anyone seeking a long-term pain relief solution.

How do you prepare for a prolotherapy session?

Before your prolotherapy session, we recommend avoiding certain medications or supplements as they may interfere with the treatment or recovery process. It is also important to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet to support natural healing. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss them with our team at Restore Health AZ.

Do I need to take time off work after a prolotherapy session?

Typically, there is no need to take significant time off work after a prolotherapy session in Mesa, AZ. However, patients should listen to their bodies and avoid strenuous activities for a few days following their procedure. We can provide detailed after-care instructions to ensure you have the best recovery possible.

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