Neil Morris, NMD - Owner

Dr. Neil Morris is a naturopathic medical doctor based in Mesa, AZ who is an expert in regenerative medicine and health and wellness. His journey to becoming a naturopath began when he personally experienced neck pain and was treated successfully with injection therapy instead of surgery. This transformative moment ignited his passion for natural healing. Pairing his prestigious training at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences with more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry, Dr. Morris is committed to providing personalized care to his patients, helping them achieve optimal health through a holistic approach. As the co-owner of Restore Health AZ, he is driven by a deep belief in the power of harnessing the body's natural healing abilities to promote regeneration and improve overall well-being.

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Eugene Muro, NMD - Owner

I am a naturopathic physician who graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2018. I focus primarily on pain management, bioidentical replacement therapy, and sports medicine. I have worked in the healthcare field for nearly 20 years, 13 of which were in radiology at a major hospital system. During this time, I developed a great love for medicine and service. What I discovered is mainstream medicine excels in saving lives, emergency interventions, and surgeries while naturopathic medicine excels in saving and changing lives, preventive medicine, optimization of health, and treating chronic conditions. When I discovered natural medicine, I also discovered my passion for pain management and regenerative injections. Using the body's natural ability to heal tissues, joints, and connective tissues by stimulating a localized immune response truly works!

In my last year of medical school, I hit a wall. I was in school 120 credit hours a semester for the past several years. I was married with a family of four, and I was a business owner. I was under/over/submerged in stress, and I got lost in the blur. It was as if I was sailing in a boat with a great gust of wind pushing me into my future, and then the wind died, and I was out on the ocean drifting. I could see my wants, goals, and desires, but the wind just stopped. I knew enough to know my hormones were the issue. I connected with a resident physician who ran my blood, and I discovered my thoughts were true, I was deficient in “everything.” It was after that I was put on hormone replacement therapy and discovered the power hormones have on mental, emotional, and physical health. It was like breathing for the first time again, a whole new world! After I discovered the power of hormones and injection therapy, I found such great passion and synergy between the two, using both therapies with my patients made sense.

As a native Arizonian, I was born and raised in Mesa and am overjoyed to have the opportunity to serve my city and state. I knew as a young man I wanted to help others, but truly working in medicine as a naturopathic physician has been one of the greatest honors of my life, impacting my life, my family, and my friends, and my hope is to make a positive impact on others to help them create the best life lived.

What makes me unique is my diverse medical background and the connections I have made during my time spent in healthcare. I have a great foundation and a wealth of resources that have built me into the physician I want to be and to truly make a positive impact on those I serve. The passion and desire I have to work in the medical industry has really happened by fate.

I chose to go into healthcare as a result of the experiences I had with my children. I have two children and both were born with cleft lip and my son was born with cleft lip and palate. Both required services and continue to receive services from specialists both in and out of state. I have been to far too many appointments (so have they). My children have had countless surgeries and hospital stays. I have spent many a night in surgical centers, hospitals, airports, Ronald McDonald houses, and hotels. But what ignited the fire in me is the compassion and passion of those who have impacted me and my family during those experiences.

I have such love and respect for the physicians who have spent hours speaking and working with us for the best outcomes for my children. A great example of what drives me is an experience with Dr. McGee, a renowned plastic surgeon at Shriners Hospital in California. He just flew into the country after extensive surgery. Prior to my daughter’s cleft repair, he sat and spoke with my wife and me in the pre-op room. I asked him if this surgery was a piece of cake, mildly nervous and jokingly. He said no surgery is a piece of cake, but he would work meticulously and to the best of his ability. A few hours after the surgery he came into the room and spoke again with me and my wife. We were concerned about my daughter's pain not being managed by the pain medications because she was very upset and still a baby. He smiled and held her in his arms and looked into her eyes and spoke to us with such a soft and caring voice as he soothed my daughter's cry into silence and then after a minute of holding her and speaking to us, he handed her to us and smiled, shook our hands, and walked out until our next adventure. It’s men and women like him that push me to be a better physician and to impact others, to give back, because my family has received so much.

Rosa Scooler, NMD

Dr. Rosa Scooler is an Arizona native and licensed naturopathic physician. She graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Nutrition and attended medical school at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (now Sonoran University). She also completed a one year herbal internship with the Canyon Spirit School of Botanical Studies in Sedona, AZ.

Dr. Rosa takes an integrative approach to medicine that combines conventional and naturopathic therapies, and utilizes an array of modalities including: nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, hormone replacement therapy, and IV therapy. She understands that treatment plans need to fit the needs of an individual, and will take time to make sure the plan is tailored to each patient.

Outside of work, Dr. Rosa enjoys volunteering with various organizations throughout The Valley, reading, baking, being outdoors, and spending time with her family.

Charles Lange, BS, CFM, CWM, PSC.D

Holistic Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Genetic Methylation Practitioner

  • In practice for 22 years
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology at the University of New York
  • Obtained Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan University

Studied Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Logan University. Studied Applied Kinesiology under Dr. George Goodheart, founder and developer of Applied Kinesiology. Studied and certified for Functional Medicine under Dr. Brandon Lundell. Presently studying Wellness Kinesiology and Wholistic Methylation under Dr. J. Dunn, founder and developer of Wholistic Kinesiology and Wholistic Methylation. Advanced certification in Wholistic Methylation.

Also attended classes and studied at Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh. Member of Michigan Associate of Chiropractors and National Pastoral Medical Sciences Association.

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Dr. Morris is absolutely a life changer. He is thorough, thoughtful, & an expert. He helped me feel 10 yrs younger. Through lab work, consultations, hormone therapy, & supplements I feel like I am in my late 30's instead of entering my 50's! The care I have received is second to none! Even though I live in Virginia & Dr. Morris is in AZ. I have health care that top notch. I highly recommend their practice & especially Dr. Morris.

J.K. Google

Dr Morris actually cares about getting his patients to where they are feeling optimal without nickeling and diming you.

R.F. Google

I just had my first acupuncture experience and I have nothing but great things to say. The facility was welcoming and clean. I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Rosa and she did not disappoint! I have been having shoulder issues for the past couple years and after my one session I already have more mobility and the discomfort is gone. Dr. Rosa was very professional and quickly alleviated my anxiety with how kind and knowledgeable she was. I will be returning soon to get further acupuncture and cupping from her. Ask for Dr. Rosa!

J.H. Yelp

Omg this place is the best. I went here 6 weeks ago and after 2 weeks I've never felt better! Thanks Dr Morris and staff you guy's are the best

S.C. Google

I love everybody in this office. Dr. Muro is very knowledgeable and impressive. I have learned more about myself through Restore Health than with any other doctor and I have only been here twice so far. I am looking forward to my next appointment and I am optimistic about my treatment plan!

T.B. Google


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