Healing with Hormones: Hormones play many key roles in the body’s processes from: providing building blocks for healthy tissues, improving immune health, joint and muscle pain, reducing inflammation, improving mental and physical health.   We believe in achieving the highest Quality of life and reaching our highest anti-aging potential using bio-identical hormones, VSELS, Oxygen rich therapies, diet and lifestyle.  How […]


Infusion: Pre/Post workout Pre/Post Tournaments Remineralization post heavy activity Energy Boosting Immune Support Anxiety Reducing High Dose Vitamin C Anti-Viral / Anti-microbial Support Customized Infusions:  Based upon your personal needs from immune health, lung support, brain or gut health we can customize formulas to you. The power of customized medicine is we are specifically addressing your […]

Restorative Injection Therapy

Who Can Benefit from Restorative Injection therapy? Do you experience any of the following? Neck pain Low back pain Shoulder pain Sciatic Pain Joint Pain Knee Pain Muscle Pain Tendon Pain/ Tear Ligament Pain/ Tear Upper Back Pain Elbow Pain Finger Pain Plantar Fascial Pain Injection therapy: Proliferative or restorative injection therapy. This is the process […]